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How do you get involved in VicFolk? We don’t charge a membership fee, so it’s just about coming and taking part in our events. Join the mailing list or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date.

Playing and singing: VicFolk runs fortnightly meetings during university terms. Directions here. We typically play tunes from our repertoire of Celtic dance music, and sing traditional songs. You’re welcome to offer some music you’d like to share.

We also run informal tune sessions (often a Sunday afternoon at a pub), and we collaborate with the regular Irish tune session at the Welsh Dragon pub, which is a good place to learn to play traditional tunes.

We can also put you in touch with local singing sessions and open mic nights if you’re looking for places to perform. Keep an eye out for VicFolk’s blackboard concerts.


Dancing: VicFolk puts on popular ceilidh dances throughout the year.’Cèilidh’ is the Gaelic word for a ‘get-together’, especially when there’s music and dancing involved. It’s a really fun way to experience live music and a really social night out. We have live, high-energy Irish and Scottish tunes played by the club’s own band. You don’t need any experience to dance at a ceilidh as everything is explained by a caller.


Listening: VicFolk will send round an occasional roundup of gigs that club members are attending or performing in – so we offer a great way to enjoy live music in Wellington.


TunefestIn trimester 2 the club hosts its own weekend festival, and so you can enjoy all aspects of VicFolk’s music, whether you want to play, listen, dance, learn or experience managing a cultural event.