Music & Dances

Vic Folk has a web resource with links to sheet music, along with recordings and even a slow-downer for learning by ear at this page:

Many thanks to Andy Linton and Ted Cizadlo for curating the tune database!


19 May Set list, Thistle Hall

4 August Set List, Thistle Hall



Tunes covered in 2018:

Jigs: The Mad Piper — The Tenpenny Bit — The Connachtman’s Rambles (in D)

Mike McGoldrick’s, Out on the Ocean

Blarney Pilgrim — Behind the Haystack — Banish Misfortune

Margaret’s Waltz

Reels: The Humours of Tulla, Paddy’s Trip to Scotland

Dashing White Sergeant & Petronella

Polkas: Ballydesmond Polka; The Rambling Sailor; Egan’s

Slip Jig: Fig for a Kiss

Waltz: Sourgrass and Granite


Songs covered in 2018:

Here’s a Health to the Company

Helen of Kirkconnell

Red is the Rose

Byker Hill

She Moved through the Fair


Past set list:

Tunefest ceilidh sets (played in September 2018)